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Welcome to the site of impressionist Australian Artist Graeme Hagan. Born in 1987, son of famous Australian Artist Robert Hagan, Graeme has always been influenced by his fathers 'occupation' and soon after picked up a brush and palette in the early years of his childhood. The introduction of art has always played a major roll in Graeme's upbringing and his talent was recognized by The Southport School iy which he was given an art scholarship for the senior years of his education. He continued to study under his father guidence, and soon Graeme was holding exhibitions in various galleries around the world - in particular Aspen (USA), Beaver Creek (USA), Perth (AUS), Sydney (AUS), and Ipswich (ENG) just to name a few.

" I feel it is my duty to continue traditional impressionist art, which from my view is a dying genre amongst the art population around my age. This for me is vitally important, because the traditional style has captured our history ,beliefs and society; it is our duty to pay homage to those artists that did capture a freeze frame of their time." Graeme states.

Graeme continues to flourish as an artist with studios in Thailand, USA and Australia.
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If you have any questions about my art please do not hesitate to contact me either via email or telephone. Ill do my best to respond to you as soon as possible.

PH - (+61) 416509481 (AU)
         23232323 (TH) 


Gadfly Gallery (AU)
McGrath Gallery (AU)
Landsbrough Gallery (TAU)
Aspen Grove Fine Art (USA)
Beaver Creek Fine Art (US)
Sante Fe FIne Art (US)
Mountain Trails Gallery (US)
More galleries available on request

Art Agents

USA - Bill & Wendy Cahill

AUS - Syd & Robyn Cross


Robert Hagan (father)

Jo Hagan (brother)

My deviant art

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